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“Good Fortune is What Happens When Opportunity Meets with Planning.”
Thomas Edison

Our Initial Introductory Chat: Typically, 15-30 minutes

This is a simple, informal, organic conversation for us to get acquainted and determine if working together makes sense for both of us. We will do a very high-level review of your financial situation so that I can learn more about what you are looking for and how I may be of service to you. If we like each other, share similar philosophies and interests, communicate well with each other, and agree I am a best resource for your situation, we will schedule our next virtual meeting and get started on your financial plan.

You will be provided a financial planning agreement detailing the work I will be doing for you and we will use the following meeting structure to gently step you through my comprehensive financial planning process.

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Our Initial Planning Meeting: Typically, 45-60 minutes

This meeting is ALL about you. The primary purpose of this meeting is for me to get a clear picture of you: your needs, lifestyle, goals, and to understand what you have already achieved.

In this meeting we will also review your investment risk tolerance and how this impacts the recommendations I will make in relation to the way your assets are invested.

This is data focused meeting; I will have a lot of questions for you. Remember though, this is all about you, the more I know about you and your assets the better I can work to prepare you for success. Incomplete Information in; is incomplete information out.

Our Second Meeting, Data Review Time: Typically, 60 minutes

This meeting will focus primarily on the Past up to Today. We use this meeting to review your current financial situation, reconfirming your needs, dreams & goals for the future. We will confirm the accuracy and completeness of the data used and your statistical probability of future success. This initial analysis of your current financial situation establishes a baseline to compare to alternative solutions later.

Our Third Meeting, the Recommendations: Typically, 60 minutes

This meeting is ALL about You and Your Future. It is in this meeting that I will make recommendations. We will compare your current plan to a variety of alternate solutions, going over each one and figuring out which aspects you like and dislike about each of them.

Our Fourth Meeting, Implementation: Typically, 45-60 minutes

In this meeting we review the final financial plan solution, highly customized for your situation, that is based on what you wanted and liked from all the options we previously discussed and felt you could commit to. We review the next steps to putting the plan into action and begin the process that makes this a reality. It is after this meeting that we will start the account opening and transfer processes.

“Planning is Bringing the Future into the Present so that You Can do Something About it Now.” -Alan Lakein

Annual Review Meetings: Not less than once, Typically 2-3 Times a Year

Now that we have a plan in place it is important to update it on a regular basis; life happens, and we want to make sure we update and adjust your financial plan as your life changes occur. Plan on meeting with me no less than once a year to review and chat about any changes that may have happened in your life. Don't worry, I don't charge you any extra for additional virtual meetings, calls, texts or emails.

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