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Serving Those Near and New to Retirement
Especially Enjoying Electronic Engineers and Female Executives

The clients I have built the most successful relationships with are those who are ready to devote the time to understanding how to best prepare for retirement, both emotionally and financially. Typically, they are within fifteen years of retirement, have a household income of $150,000 or more, consistently invest to increase their net worth and generally have $500,000 to $3,000,000 in investable assets.

My favorite client is excited about planning their next steps, looking forward to receiving financial guidance, and they are ready to implement recommendations.

Many of my clients are engineers. Probably because I am married to an engineer. My husband is a Hardware Design Engineer, ASIC/FPGA Design Engineer to be more specific. We are nearing our 30th year married, and I know well what he needs to make decisions; he needs ALL the information, the graphs, the charts, the statistics, and the spreadsheets. I love the way his amazingly smart and detail-oriented mind works. I enjoy working to such a high level of detail for my engineer clients and would be happy to provide this for you as well, Engineer or not.

I also greatly enjoy working with my Lady Execs. I know firsthand the challenges they faced along their career path. I admire their accomplishments, determination, and hard work. I’m here to stand by your side as well as you near retirement, you deserve the same level of success in Retirement as in your career, and I’m committed to giving you the time, attention, service and the solutions necessary to achieve this, Female Executive or not.

My strongest client relationships are with those who:

  • Understand that they need assistance managing their finances and appreciate the guidance of a professional.
  • Are ready to transfer the duties of managing their finances to someone else so that they can have more time to pursue the things they really enjoy.
  • Are prepared to devote the time needed to have an impactful conversation about their financial life.

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